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Provisional Application for Patent

Online, Flat-Fee, and Specific Legal Services

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Man with Documents

Prof. Review by a Registered Patent Attorney

One Professional Review of the Provisional Application content (i.e., your answers to our online questionnaire, specifically the description (up to 3 pages) and drawing(s) (up to 3 figures) you'll submit) and suggestions for improvement by a registered patent attorney (prior to filing).  Do I need this?

Flat Fee: $500 Minimum

[Higher fees may apply to medium-high complexity inventions]
Man with Documents + + +

Prof. Review & Professional Preparation by a Registered Patent Attorney

The following tasks will be performed prior to filing by a registered patent attorney if this service is selected:
(1) review of your description/notes (up to 3 pages) and drawings/sketches (up to 3 figures) you'll submit through our online questionnaire; (2) a one-time (1 hour maximum) in person, phone or e-mail consultation with the inventor; (3) draft of a new invention description prior to filing (up to 5 pages); (4)
recommend improvement of the drawings, if necessary.  Do I need this?
Flat Fee: $1,200 Minimum

[Higher fees may apply to medium-high complexity inventions]

Prof. Illustration

Professional illustrations (up to 3 sheets) based on your  sketches / drawings for provisional patent application (prior to filing).   Do I need this?

Flat Fee: $475

Magnifying Glass
Patent Search ONLY

Search (on the USPTO keyword/online database only) for similar US patents (1976 and after) and published (2001 and after) US patent applications (NO Patentability Opinion) . A search report is sent to you for review within 5-10 business days.   Do I need this?

Flat Fee: $650 Minimum

[Higher fees may apply to medium-high complexity inventions]

Same Search + Patentability Opinion: $1,200+

Application Filing Only

Your Provisional Patent Application is electronically filed with the USPTO by a registered patent attorney. Includes preparation of the required provisional application cover sheet. You receive confirmation of filing and - among other benefits - you can enjoy using the "Patent Pending" notice in connection with your invention for 12 months.

Flat Fee: $250
[+ $130 USPTO filing fee for small entity]
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 do not meet your specific needs, you need help understanding the above services, you need more customization of your service package, or, with any other questions you may have regarding our services. Thank you.

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[To order/request a service online: (1)Complete our specific and secure online questionnaire; step-by-step guide is available to help you. We review your answers for completeness and consistency before moving forward and we contact you if additional information or clarification is needed.(2)Submit securely online payment for the services you want. That's it. We'll promptly start to work for you.]

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